"NetSuite has given us real-time visibility of our customers and our financials, which helps mitigate risk for a publishing company." CHOICE

Customer Successes

  • Major reduction in manual data processing allows CHOICE to put greater emphasis on data quality, while channeling resources into more productive tasks.
  • With a single application, CHOICE unified business processes to gain real-time visibility of subscribers and financial and operational performance.
  • CHOICE reduced time spent on financial reporting saving 50 days per year.
  • Comprehensive, accessible and easily mined data empowers CHOICE to spot business trends, and analyse and compare individual product performance.
  • A single view of each subscriber across multiple platforms (print, online, mobile and tablets) supports better customer service, resulting in a more efficient, engaged call centre and superior customer support.


  • Separate standalone databases for finance and subscriptions required extensive manual processing to gain any visibility into subscriber levels or overall business performance.
  • CHOICE’s digital transformation was poorly supported by its systems, leading to rapid loss of visibility of its customers that were fragmenting across its diversifying product ranges and platforms.
  • CHOICE had no automated tools for supporting business growth, such as membership renewal reminders, online marketing campaign systems or data analytics, making growing and even maintaining its subscriber base challenging.


  • Independent consultants recommended NetSuite as the best cloud-based ERP solution to deliver an integrated finance, CRM and media management system for its business model.
  • CHOICE deployed NetSuite to support finance, CRM and subscriber management.
  • Media performance dashboards provided real-time monitoring of revenue, circulations, site visitors and marketing effectiveness.
  • Revenue recognition tools removed spreadsheets and risk by flexibly, reliably and efficiently managing multiple schedules across different CHOICE product lines.

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Sydney, Australia



Applications Replaced:

On-premise finance and subscriptions management applications