Fresh Produce Group

"NetSuite's cost, ease of use and simple customisation make it the best ERP choice for us right now, compared to other products like SAP, Oracle and" Fresh Produce Group

Customer Successes

  • Ability to manage higher stock volumes, enabling Fresh Produce Group to grow significantly year on year.
  • Major expansion in past three years with only minimal increases in administrative staff.
  • Complete, real-time visibility of all warehouse inventories, saving hours each week locating stock pallets.
  • Improved on-time delivery of perishable produce across global enterprise.
  • Widespread satisfaction across every level of the business, from forklift drivers to the finance team, who now have access to the business data they need to support better decision making, from anywhere and at any time.
  • Because NetSuite is cloud-based, FPG has opened several new sites without the delays and higher costs of implementing on-premise technology.


  • Previous systems provided limited visibility into company financial performance.
  • Vital information had to be retrieved from multiple sources, leading to frustrating delays in financial and management reporting.
  • High levels of manual processing were required to maintain spreadsheets for forecasting and inventory management, which was costly and prone to error.
  • An inefficient paper-based inventory management system meant perishable produce was regularly wasted.
  • Hours were also lost every week locating pallets on the warehouse floor.
  • Non-financial staff had very limited access to vital business data needed to be more accountable in their roles


  • NetSuite provides Fresh Produce Group with a comprehensive business management system, including financials, inventory management, order management, customer relationship management and most other core business processes.
  • More than half its 200 employees are licensed to use NetSuite, providing company-wide access to vital business data for better decision making.
  • Anytime and anywhere access to NetSuite’s comprehensive system allows staff to work remotely.
  • NetSuite dashboard functionality allows the company to run a scoreboard for the whole group, down to individual KPIs for increased accountability.

Company at a glance



Sydney, Australia



Applications Replaced:

DOS-based financial system and Excel spreadsheets


NetSuite OneWorld