Invisalign Australia

"NetSuite lets us run a virtual company, where we can control everything from Australia, and its customization features support our agility by letting us adjust the software to suit our business."

Customer Successes

  • Automated invoicing and other processes are helping Invisalign save about $250,000 yearly over the cost, in extra staff, of the previous system.
  • Automation has helped cut weekly invoicing time from 30 hours to eight hours.
  • NetSuite’s customization features have helped the company automate its volume discount process, cutting invoice-to-cash time by 30%.
  • Multi-currency and multi-subsidiary support now helps Invisalign produce consolidated financial statements in 4 seconds, compared to 5 hours previously, and saves up to 30 hours a month for regular weekly consolidations.
  • The company’s NetSuite events portal and automated-email capabilities helped Invisalign more than double its yearly customer training and education events, from 45 to 120 for the current year.
  • The company has grown 30% in the last three years, while only adding a single employee for finance.


  • Innovative company, selling invisible aligners, was unable to capitalize on explosive market growth.
  • Limited accounting software couldn’t handle Invisalign’s complex volume discount structure.
  • Software limitations also hindered the company’s progress in global markets because it couldn’t handle multiple subsidiaries or multi-currency conversions.


  • NetSuite’s cloud architecture lets the company’s Australia headquarters keep real-time control over operations in New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, as well as Australia.
  • Invisalign’s customer center features localized currencies, and lets customers make credit card payments, download statements and invoices, and view terms and conditions, as well as discount policies and procedures.

Company at a glance



Sydney, Australia


Retail, Wholesale/Distribution

Applications Replaced:

Intuit QuickBooks


NetSuite OneWorld