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The Adaptive Consolidation application is a complete solution for financial consolidation, reporting and analysis. Import all your data that needs to be consolidated, and automatically perform calculations for inter-company eliminations, minority interest, allocations, currency exchange and cumulative translation adjustment.

See how easy financial consolidations can be, with simple setup and rule definition. Know at a glance where you are in the consolidation process, with rule manager sheets, and audit trail. Use drag-and-drop to easily generate reports for internal and external requirements.

Transform your finance and accounting teams with the tools they need to make faster, more accurate, and more transparent closing and reporting cycles a reality. Help your CFO and management teams know as soon as possible how business performance is tracking. Maximise the time available to analyse performance against expectations, make adjustments, and re-forecast as necessary. Your closing and reporting will never be the same.


Adaptive Consolidation is a single, highly scalable solution that helps companies close their books accurately, quickly, and painlessly, because they can:

  • Streamline the consolidation process and reduce manual effort and eliminate errors, regardless of the complexities involved.
  • Maximise distribution of financial results by enabling self-service, web-based management and statutory reporting.
  • Comply with GAAP and IFRS reporting standards when producing consolidated financial statements


Financial Consolidation

  • Achieve faster and more accurate close and report cycles
  • Know sooner how performance is tracking against expectations
  • Improve visibility, audit, and control during financial consolidations
  • Accelerate reporting cycles to internal and external stakeholders
  • Comply with accounting standards and regulation

Partitioning of Actuals Data

  • Partition actual data for flexible categorisation, security
  • Differentiate imported actuals from adjustments
  • View and report on rolled up actuals from all sources
  • Easily determine where actual data came from
  • Control what users can see and do with actual data

Intercompany Eliminations

  • Simplify with intuitive Elimination Rule Manager
  • View intercompany eliminations in journal-entry format
  • Improve data integrity with eliminations that are always in balance
  • Enhance flexibility with date-effective rules
  • Monitor and manage intercompany eliminations in real-time

Minority Interest

  • Automate controlling and non-controlling interest consolidations
  • Quickly and easily define consolidation percentages
  • Perform what-if scenario analysis of changes in ownership interest
  • Support IFRS and GAAP ownership change reporting
  • Enforce checks and balances by seeing everything in one place

Allocation Planning

  • Simplify with intuitive interface, and rules instead of complex formulas
  • Improve accuracy with allocations that are always in balance
  • Streamline effort with the ability to manage rules in one place
  • Adapt to change with date-effective rules
  • Enforce checks and balances by seeing everything in one place

Multiple Currencies

  • Reduce complexity of multi-national planning and reporting
  • Integrate actual data and plan in local currencies
  • Save time and improve accuracy with automatic conversion
  • Use multiple exchange rate types, including historical
  • Simplify with automatic Cumulative Translation Adjustment



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