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Interactive Dashboards and Analytics Adaptive Discovery is a unique cloud-based visual analytics application designed for all business users. It provides unprecedented capability to drill into and analyse multi-dimensional data – with no programming required.

Bring your data into Adaptive’s high-performance analytic engine and analyse it with lightning-fast speed. Blend disparate data into powerful dashboards that tell the stories you need to understand the past and the present, and use what-if analysis for future planning.

Empower your executives and line-of-business managers with self-service ways to understand what’s happening in their businesses, right now. Give them tools to interact with data live in face-to-face meetings – so they can collaborate, ask and answer questions together. Let them take it on the go with our mobile app, or simply connect to a browser with their tablet. Transform your finance teams with tools to visualise, analyse, and understand operational data that’s critical to inform their planning and variance analysis. Your 360 degree view of your organisation’s performance – past, present, and future – will never be the same.


  • Automated integration with any data  as frequently as needed
  • Database optimised to handle complex data and unlimited data volume
  • Real-time presentation of data
  • Any data granularity, e.g, hourly, daily, weekly
  • Visualise KPIs and their underlying drivers in ways that people can easily grasp
  • Turn KPIs into insights you need to optimise your business performance
  • Give  finance users control of their data  – without  IT assistance
  • Empower finance users to add additional  value to the business through comprehensive analysis tools and the ability to work smarter and faster.


Visual Discovery & Analysis

  • Interact with intuitive charts and sophisticated analytics
  • Dynamically integrate with any data source
  • Visualise KPIs and underlying drivers in ways that are easy to grasp
  • Empower users to work smarter and faster, gaining important insight
  • Deploy with minimal training


  • Organise charts on dashboards tailored to each user’s role
  • Easily change time periods and filter by dimensions
  • Get to where you want to go quickly and intuitively
  • Customise views so that users see data that’s important to them
  • Navigate quickly across different levels of data


  • Use tremendous and flexible options for drilling down and across data
  • Perform root-cause and what-if scenario analysis
  • Easily switching dimensions mid-drill
  • Understand root-causes
  • Use real-time what-if scenario analysis to predict optimal performance


  • Empower your users with intuitive analytics, and no programming
  • Help your users understand their business
  • Use data storytelling to explain what’s happening
  • Quickly explain performance and uncover problems
  • Use multiple ways to view data to analyse different circumstances

Alerting, Knowledge Sharing & Collaborating

  • Use shared notes to attach explanations to data
  • Call users’ attention to issues with sones and alerts
  • Trigger emails with specified data behavior
  • Provide information about specific charts to help guide users
  • Upload training and reference materials to aid decision-making

Visual Designer

  • Make it easy for users to personalise their own dashboards
  • Use drag-and-drop to create and edit charts and dashboards
  • Leverage pre-defined chart formats or create your own
  • Create private dashboards or share them with others
  • Provide self-service customisation without relying on IT

Architecture Advantage

  • High-performance analytic engine
  • Virtually unlimited scaling capabilities, fast performance and flexibility
  • No cubes required
  • Cube-like data store automatically configured as data is loaded
  • No need for intermediate data stores to pre-aggregate data



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