Meaningful Reporting and Analysis that’s easy to create, update and run.


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Adaptive’s drag-and-drop report builder puts powerful yet easy-to-use web-based reporting in the hands of finance, budget managers, and executives. Reports are easy to create, fast to run, and always reflect up-to-the-minute, real-time data. By providing an easy way to analyse summary or detailed data and multiple scenarios, Adaptive allows users throughout a company to make faster, more informed business decisions


  • Slice and dice actual and plan data in order to understand profit by product by region, expenses by project and by department, and similar analyses
  • Obtain at-a-glance views of KPIs, graphs, metrics, and tables
  • Perform timely and accurate ad-hoc reporting
  • Generate and distribute real-time reports with no waiting
  • Avoid dependence on IT report writing and analysis
  • Provide self-service reporting to department users, freeing up finance resources
  • Enhance visibility into performance for all budget managers and executives
  • Establish a single version of the truth that includes historical and forecast data
  • Easily compare multiple versions and scenarios


Drag-and-Drop Report Builder – See Demo

  • Provide users with powerful report-building tools with no programming
  • Use intuitive drag and drop interface to report across dimensions
  • Easily create reports that reflect actual and plan data in your formats
  • Provide your budget managers with self-service reporting
  • Minimise administration with one set of reports for multiple users

Transactions Reporting & Analysis – See Demo

  • Import and store transaction-level data from other systems
  • Drill down into transaction detail from sheets and reports
  • Provide users with one place to perform all of their variance analysis
  • Make budget managers more autonomous and efficient
  • Improve decision-making and reduce cycle times

Using Reports for Analysis – See Demo

  • Slice and dice across all your dimensions
  • Easily compare multiple versions and scenarios
  • Use report books for fast and efficient report generation
  • Generate and distribute real-time reports with no waiting
  • Avoid dependence on IT for report writing and analysis


Building Reports Demo

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Using Reports Demo

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Transactional Reporting and Analysis Demo

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