i-Seaports is the first cloud computing system developed for Seaports based on HarbourMastery's 20 years of experience and on NetSuite's leading Cloud ERP Platform.


With over 20 years experience in working with seaports as consultants and solution developers, Harbour Mastery has designed i-Seaports to be a globally flexible, scalable and adaptable solution for seaports of all types and sizes, from single terminal operations to mid and large size ports with over 130 terminals.

i-Seaports Management ERP provides a total web-based, ERP, Accounting, CRM, SFA, and Ecommerce enterprise solution on the leading NetSuite® ERP Cloud Platform and is used by Ports here in Australia and around the globe.

The solution provides complete command & control for managing vessel traffic and cargo logistics, billing, collections, accounting, payroll, fixed asset management, marketing, security, and communications in the seaport enterprise. CloudERP is Harbour Mastery’s Australian Partner for iShipping Management.


Why run your Seaport or Marina on a Cloud based ERP solution?

World Trade Competitiveness

Seaports are highly competitive global enterprises managing over 85% of the movement of goods through international commerce. Major seaports have already moved to the cloud with their home-grown customised solutions. Mid sized and small ports must have an affordable pathway to compete.

Real time communications is the new norm

Business to Business (B2B), web based banking, buying and selling with you customers online 24/7 is essential to the 21st century competitive era for billing, collections and managing your business.

Slash IT Costs

i-Seaports brings together multiple processes that once may have been Handled separately without having to maintain costly on-premise hardware and infrastructure and multiple software vendor licences. ERP, CRM, and HRM are aspects of this total Business Management System.

Secure Access Online from Anywhere/Anytime

Now customers, vendors and the total port management team can interact 24/7 from anywhere. I-Seaports encrypted and securely managed processes help ensure both data integrity and confidentiality.


i-Seaports Management is five centers in one Software-as-a-Service giving you unprecedented command and control of all of your port operations including; .

  • Traffic Management Center: Manages all aspects of a vessel call from reservations to departure and every billable and other service delivered in the process.
  • Communications Coordination Center: Coordinates notifications, updates and communications at every point of a vessel call, in times of emergency and for normal operations.
  • Security Monitoring Center: Monitors access control, perimeter intrusion, web-cams, AIS , RADAR, SONAR and others and collaborates with security from inside the application.
  • Financial Control Center: Controls billing, collecting, accounting, purchasing, leasing and auditing as virtually real-time.
  • Ecommerce Marketing Center: Manages internet presence, web-store, customer relations, statistical analysis and development planning with the CRM, ERP reporting and graphical presentation tools.


i-Seaports Management provides a total web-based, ERP, Full Service Accounting, CRM, Shipping Integration and Logistics, ECommerce end-to-end enterprise solution built for the modern ports needs.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). i-Seaports follows the ERP principal of integrating business processes to gain efficiencies in time, money and personnel. i-Seaports follows this principal. What has also been needed is an ERP, Accounting, CRM and Ecommerce solution that removes other barriers to business — the language, currency, time zones and Universal Time Clock hassles. i-Seaports does the integration that removes the barriers for both operators and clients.

Full Service Accounting

i-Seaports Management realises the primary business of ports is to serve the commercial needs of their city, state and national GNP. This requires the best and most streamlined solutions for managing the import and export activities of their clients. i-Seaports NetSuite® (www.NetSuite.com) 24/7 Software-as-a-Service on-demand and collaborative computing full accounting system rivals SAP® and Sage® products, to name some industry leaders, for the small and medium business enterprise.

Customer Relations Management (CRM)

i-Seaports addresses the customer relations management challenge with power. It treats customers as partners, not just clients, and provides the 24/7 communications and access they need to succeed in their business. When a port customer, any customer in the world, wants to make a reservation to your port, they sign in and are presented with the customer dashboard and reservation form. They complete the reservation and click save. Their request is entered. Their user interface can be in their preferred language. Based on the services they have requested, i-Seaports can give them an estimate of their anticipated costs long before they arrive in the port.

Shipping Integration and Logistics

NetSuite’s integrated shipping and order fulfillment helps you tackle the challenges of multiple channels, partial ship and drop-shipping requirements, and dynamic order volumes. Pre-built integration with top shippers helps speed your logistics processes.


i-Seaports has built in Ecommerce capabilities for marketing campaigns, campaign management, and web-store where your clients can sign-in to download critical information like the tariff schedule or view the latest news on your port. It is focused on growing your customer base – use your web-store to market real-estate, leasing and other opportunities your port has to offer on a global scale. ECommerce lets you use the power of the internet in multiple ways.

i-Seaports End-to-End work flow 

i-Seaports End-to-End work flow conquers two challenges to seaport commercial, environmental and security IT management – removing redundancy of efforts by providing ease of collaboration and long-term ROI that capitalises on a Software-as-a-Service, role-based and interoperable architecture for integrating and customising the use of advanced IT solutions that are already affordable.



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