Transform Your HR Department and Enable Your Organisation to Execute on its Strategy with NetSuite TribeHR



NetSuite TribeHR combines the rich, traditional HCM capabilities needed to manage growing organisations with an engaging, social interface that encourages employee involvement and collaboration. NetSuite TribeHR’s system of record for employee activity, together with NetSuite’s single system of record for core operational business data, gives organisations a modern platform to run the core aspects of their business – all with the scalability, flexibility and agility of the cloud.


  • Eliminate duplicate data entry.
  • Attract and recruit the right talent.
  • Review, reward and retain top talent.
  • Empower and engage employees.
  • Dramatically improve employee performance.
  • Award-winning HR functions.


Talent Management

Motivating, managing and retaining employees helps ensure the success of every business. By streamlining the goal setting and measurement process, enabling peer recognition, and aligning employees with corporate values, NetSuite TribeHR makes it easy to build a productive and powerful workforce.

Talent Acquisition

Hiring, staffing, and recruiting are critical to the success of any business. Whether it’s replacing employees or staffing up to grow, finding the right employees efficiently requires sourcing candidates and internal coordination. With applicant tracking tools from NetSuite TribeHR, companies can organise interview teams, consolidate notes, rank candidates, standardise job descriptions, leverage social networks, and archive applicants.

NetSuite Single Sign-On

The NetSuite TribeHR Single Sign-On provides users fast access to core HR, recruiting and performance management applications while increasing security, improving compliance, and providing operational efficiencies. Single Sign-On (SSO) handles the logon and logoff of NetSuite TribeHR users, allowing them to focus on their task at hand without the need to remember their password. The solution leverages Auth processes, to provide your users with secure access to HR functions, without sharing access credentials

Data Synchronisation

As you work in NetSuite and in TribeHR, NetSuite TribeHR keeps all your data synchronised. Performing a salary review, or promoting staff? Don’t worry about double-entry, we’ll keep your systems up to date. In real-time, we’ll synchronise your employee records.

Proven Uptime and Disaster Prevention

We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional uptime and availability. You can trust that we are aligned with your availability expectations:

  • 99.9% uptime service level commitment
  • Fully redundant primary internet connections
  • 24x7x365 Network Operations Centre (NOC

Redundant Information Security

We handle sensitive information for tens of thousands of organisations around the world. To do this, we employ multiple levels of data protection:

  • We encrypt all data transmissions over 256 bit SSL security
  • Fully redundant primary internet connections
  • We use unique customer databases, vastly reducing normal vulnerabilities
  • Unique encryption keys are generated for each account, making multiple account hacking almost impossible
  • Finally, we use secondary in-database encryption for extra safe measure



  • Consolidate Interview Notes
  • Hiring Teams
  • Efficient Resume Collection
  • Customisable Job Board
  • Social Network Integration
  • Applicant Tracking System
  • On-Boarding
  • Candidate Pipeline Reporting


  • HRIS Reports
  • Employee Time-Off Tracking
  • Multi-Location and Currency Support
  • Corporate Calendar
  • Compensation Tracking
  • Employee History Timeline
  • Dynamic Organisational Chart
  • Employee and Resource
  • Document Storage
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Personalised, Social Employee Profiles
  • Searchable Company Directory

Talent Management

  • Employee Performance Notes
  • Reviews and Review Cycles
  • Skills Tracking
  • Goal Management
  • Peer and Public Recognition
  • 360 Feedback
  • Values and Culture
  • Performance Reporting



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