Deliver Excellent Customer Service Across Every Touchpoint with Integrated Customer Service Software


NetSuite’s integrated customer service management solution gives you a 360-degree view of customers-helping to improve customer satisfaction, attract new customers and lower service costs.

Only NetSuite’s customer service software gives everyone that interfaces with the customer—sales, support, service, and fulfillment—access to complete, key customer data in real time empowering them to better support your customers while driving upsell and cross-sell.

Customer Portal


Increase Customer Satisfaction

Support teams can access customer information anytime, anywhere to drive customer satisfaction and retention.

Reduce Costs with Effective Self-Service

Deliver a high-quality, high-touch experience for customers while reducing the cost of customer care with a robust knowledge base in a customer portal.

Increase Efficiency and Productivity

Accelerate case resolution time by providing support reps with complete customer visibility with appropriate case assignments.

Drive Incremental Revenue

Empower sales, service and support reps to upsell and cross-sell better with complete access to cross-functional customer data.


Case Management

Expedite resolutions by assigning, managing, and routing customer support cases across multiple communications channels, including phone, fax and web.

Knowledge Management

Organise and publish content easily allowing your customers and service reps to quickly track down the information they need.

Customer Portal

Provide your customers with highly personalised and interactive service on the portal—boosting customer satisfaction and retention.

Time Tracking

Ensure better visibility into case management with time tracking directly tied to the customer record. Service professionals can easily track time spent with a given client.



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